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The POLYGWEB test is a preliminary tool for use before deciding to perform a polygraph test, or for anyone curious to know whether he will "pass" the polygraph test. The test consists of a range of questions which examine the user's basic credibility level, using a simulation of the original polygraph test. This test uses special algorithms which enable simulation of the polygraph test, and accordingly estimates of the user's chances of passing the polygraph test.
What is the meaning of the question: "Can you pass a polygraph test?"
Passing a polygraph test means not being classified as guilty of an offense. Whether you're telling the truth or lying, your definition as "passing a polygraph test" is what defines you as innocent!
What is the reliability level of POLYGWEB?
The test technique and results were examined and proven to be coherent with the polygraph test.
What happens if a technical malfunction occurs and the test is not completed?
If there is a technical malfunction which prevents the completion of the test (usually due to Internet failure and/or especially slow Internet connections), the subject will be entitled to a retest at no additional charge.
How long does the test take?
Between 7 and 10 minutes
Can I stop the test in the middle and continue it later?
No – the test must be taken from beginning to end
Can I take the test more than once?
How do I get the test results?
The test results are composed of the following two types:
  1. A graphic result which shows your chances (as a percentage) of passing the polygraph test.
  2. Input your personal e-mail and you will receive a more detailed report, which includes a number of principal subjects examined during the test.

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