• How can it help me?

How can it help me?

  • The POLYGWEB test enables you to estimate your chances of passing a polygraph test and gives you the possibility of knowing your chances of being found to have told the truth, or to have lied, in an actual polygraph test! Can you pass a polygraph test?
  • The constant discussion concerning the subject's ability to "cheat" the polygraph enables you, the subject, to examine the veracity of the arguments – Can you cheat the polygraph? The POLYGWEB test estimates your chances and gives you clear answers – pass or fail!
  • According to law, you are not obligated to take a polygraph test; however, refusing to do so raises questions for those who asked you to take it (your job, spouse, friends, etc.) and places you in the category of a suspect! POLYGWEB lets you know your chances of "passing" a polygraph test and your chances of proving to everyone that everything is A-OK. So before you say "No, I won't" or "Yes, I will take a polygraph test" – take POLYGWEB and only then decide!
  • The POLYGWEB test is inexpensive, relative to any polygraph test. The POLYGWEB test results will let you make a well reasoned decision about how worthwhile it is to invest money in a future polygraph test.


  • To know if you have a chance of passing a polygraph test and not being found lying!
  • To save costs before taking an actual polygraph test.
  • It uses innovative analysis tools which can tell you in practical terms whether you pass or fail a polygraph test and whether you can or can't fool the machine.
  • It will save you distress and will enable you to decide whether or not to take the polygraph test.
  • It will satisfy your curiosity – once and for all, you'll know – can it or can't it be done?
  • Low cost, high benefit.
  • It uses a data encryption system at an extremely high standard.